Taking the reins of your life

You might not have so imagined.

But if you imagine your life as a horse and carriage, it is helpful also to imagine yourself as the driver – and not sitting fearful inside, while others take the reins.

(Some do this.)

Each morning, however powerless you may feel, you mount the box of the carriage, and take your seat at the centre of the transaction, the driver’s seat.

Can you picture this?

It is not always a comfortable seat.

Here you will feel every bump in the road as the wheels rumble; and every tug on the reins as the horses pull.

But you put yourself there, every morning.

The carriage may be damaged, and the horses quite wild in their power. They may not always feel your friends.

But these things you cannot control… and you hold on to the reins, and respond as you can, for this is your life, where else could you be?

So each morning you make the effort, you climb onto the seat, you declare yourself conscious, take responsibility for this beautiful, twisting journey –

And for those who do, for those who dare, the bends may be sharp but the journey unfolds… and the help they need appears.

Imagine that.


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