Ten new commandments

1) Be present – Behave as if all that matters is now, whatever presents itself. Do not think about the past or future.

2) Observe yourself – We are unique in creation because we have the capacity for self-awareness. Kind self-knowledge makes us fully human.

3) Be nothing – Do not be afraid of emptiness. The empty night sky holds the stars and space holds genius.

4) Flee attachment – We surround ourselves with a web of attachments and then find we can’t escape them. Most human suffering comes from mistaken attachment.

5) Transcend suffering – Suffering is part of life rather than surprise. We can resent suffering and suffer more; or allow it into our story.

6) Drop illusion – Most of what we think about ourselves is illusion. It weighs us down and makes us mad.

7) Prepare for truth – Watch and listen more. Think less. Truth comes to those who are patient – not those who want to be top of the class.

8) Cease separation – Stop making comparisons or trying to be different or better. We are part of everybody and everything.

9) Know your soul – The greatest treasure of all lies within us. Someone can have a million pounds but be poorer than a homeless vagrant, if he has no soul.

10) Fear nothing – The path to freedom is slowly learning to live without fear. Nothing matters that much.

These ten commandments form the basis for my book, The Journey Home, published by Bloomsbury. You will find them in a more developed form there.

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