The five fingers of resilience

And so we stay awake.

We try and stay awake to the day, whether it’s brilliant or awful, or somewhere in between.

We stay aware of ourselves, of what’s passing through us, whether a trickle or a torrent.

We accept the reality that presents itself, not fighting it, not rejecting…we allow.

We find meaning in the day, perhaps small moments that chime, that rhyme, that lift our heads.

We are inventive in adversity, intrigued by it, not closing down, but rising in some way.

And sometimes we stop and we breathe and recover our balance of mind – the balance of survival, feeling and assessing.

We might call these the five fingers of resilience, which is the ability to live well – flexibly and openly – through times of uncertainty, ambiguity and change.

Which is a fair description of life.

And so we try and stay awake.

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