The good leader

There’s no right way to lead; different personalities lead in different ways, bringing both strengths and weaknesses to the task.

Promotion doesn’t remove our flaws and cracks; if anything, it exposes them.

So the good leader will know what they can and can’t do; and will always make sure there’s a team around them who can make up for their deficiencies.

Leadership is a great honour but it will find you out; like up a mountain, the top is an exposed place to be.

And this is fine as long as we’re aware of ourselves…and kind to ourselves.

So if we struggle to organise our time, we’ll need someone alongside us who can; and likewise if we can’t listen.

There needs to be someone around who listens.

If you micro-manage (always an act of terror and ultimately inefficient) make sure you have someone in your team who will point this out and help you to let go.

And if you’re someone who avoids conflict, you’ll need a colleague who can make up for this, who can challenge people and put in the boundaries you struggle to effect.

The single most important aspect of leadership is the climate you create around you. Nothing is more important than this.

Do you create a climate in which others flourish?

The biggest compliment to your leadership is not an enormous bank account, a large desk or a super soaraway ego… but the life that grows around you.

Nurture that; and all shall be well.

I’ve learned that they can do everything I can’t.

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