The Nine Rooms of wellbeing

The Dead Sea scrolls were discovered between 1947 and 1956 in caves near the Dead Sea.

In one of them, people are pictured as consisting of nine parts of light or darkness; or a mixture of the two.

The fragment which survives tells of two people. One would be considered a fairly good person, with six parts light and three parts darkness.

The other is less attractive, with eight parts darkness and only one part light.

This is the context for Jesus saying, ‘Let your whole body be full of light, having no dark part.’

And perhaps here is an invitation to wander kindly through the rooms of our inner house. It could be a summer meditation. 

We will push open doors, (no room out of bounds) to check we’ve opened the curtains, that light is allowed in.

The rooms will vary a great deal; some lovely.

There will be some dark rooms inside us also, but they need not always be this way. It is good that we look inside; or at least open the door.

Discernment is knowing when we speak from the light and when we speak from the darkness. We will do both.

Freedom is fearing none of the nine rooms.

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