The Should Be Bear

Are you one of life’s wrestlers?

Some wrestle with events like Jacob in the desert; if it’s not one thing, then it’s another.

It’s like a fight with a bear, this struggle with life and how it should be.

‘This is how it should be!’

The thought is like a fearsome bear, whose claws rip and tear at the textures of our lives.

‘How can I not wrestle with this monster?!’ we declare.  ‘How can I not be anxious or fear the worse? How can I not be unhappy at my circumstances? Get real!’

To wrestle with the bear is seen as a matter of honour, something inevitable, which must be so.

Though it turns out that behind the terrifying roar is our ‘should be’…‘it should be like this’.

We’ve been wrestling with the ‘Should Be Bear’ in ourselves.

If there were no ‘this is how it should be’ much of our wrestling would cease.

If, for just one minute, there were no thoughts of how it should be – well, how we would laugh and sing. And possibly dance.

And it’s not so far away.

Have you noticed that nestled quiet and unnoticed in the middle of wrestling is… rest?

There it is…like its waiting for us.

And it appears, like an angel, when the ‘Should Be Bear’ leaves our clearing.

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