The soul window

Let us talk of things not much talked of, soul and personality.

They are closely related, yet behave differently.

Your soul is the window through which your essential self sees, knows and understands both itself and the world.

Your personality is like shutters across this fine window, protecting it from the dangers of the street, ensuring survival.

But while the shutters protect, they also deny light, shrouding it in dust and gloom. Seeing, knowing and understanding is now more difficult.

There are glimpses of light through the cracks in the shutters; light does get through, sometimes surprising and significant light –

But everything is partial, even the light, for the shutters are buffers, obscurers…and on occasion, the darkness they bring can be almost total.

The development of the human personality, through childhood and teenage years, builds protective shutters… and the grand window of the soul loses its transparency.

We cease to see reality as it is; neither our own nor that of the world beyond.

Instead of the soul window being our outlook on ourselves and the world, the shutters are our outlook, and much is opaque.

This is why we know little of ourselves; why we create and perpetuate narratives that aren’t true.

It’s just too dark to see; we’re struggling for clarity.

The human soul, free of the shutters, is transparent, colourless and clear. It sees both outwards and inwards with terrifying clarity and inspired openness.

Imagine a clean window within, the soul window.

Here is the infinite vulnerability of true perception, the fearless soul let out to play, a clean view on all things…and personality dissolved in that moment.

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