The stupid forest

How we leave this place, the brutalised discourse, I don’t know

Though I do know it makes us stupid; scarce humans, something less

And I hardly know what to write, so far are we into the stupid forest

The death of nuance, the birth of binary

Only two numbers, only two views, nothing in between

Red and yellow, no other colours available

You have to choose

So demons a-plenty, how they thrive in binary world, how they multiply

‘Those not for us are against us and they’re bastards, ha ha!’

And hate is great; have you heard? Quite the best of virtues in the stupid forest

‘Hate – and feel good!’ (They’ve been aching for someone to say that.)

And legitimate lies, (yes, whisper it quiet) but we can smile as we lie, teacher says, it is God’s will

The lie is a barricade for the cause

Holy lies one might say

And Holy hate – hate to your hearts content!

Nuance is murdered, and sanity in a home, sheltered accommodation, you must have heard; for blind blustering binary is the popular way

And we have the votes , we can work a crowd, the people have spoken; and soiled truth, not pristine! But a bit of dirt never hurt anyone, my aunt said that.

So red or yellow, you have to choose, binary is best in the stupid forest

Though one morning I stumbled on a path of many-coloured joy…

and wondering where it led, for I could not see, set out. 


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