The whooshing speed of change

I start with a blank space on the page.

‘From no thing, some thing.’

It was a principle in play in creation, so it might just work for a blog.

Four lines in and I still don’t know what’s emerging as the words increase.

Though who does? I mean, who does know what is emerging?

We know we live in an accelerating world. The mystery is what it’s accelerating towards.

(I may have now found my theme.)

It’s not that change hasn’t happened before; massive social and industrial changes have occurred down the human years.

We do not now sit in caves, for instance. (Unless on holiday in Cornwall.) We’ve come a long way.

It’s just the speed of things now; this is the difference… the whooshing speed of change.

the technological change melting old patterns, old securities, old ways…

the environmental change, melting old ice caps…

the border-smashing march of globalisation, were connectivity is god…

These are the big now.

And somewhere in all this swirl and chaos and wonder is you… and me…and one or two others.

We are the glory girls and boys, given to live this particular pinch and squeeze of history.

So we reach into the cupboard of existence, (bigger than it looks) brush down our honesty and kindness, polish our courage and hope – weep, laugh, give something away and plant something good.

This is the small and indestructible now.

And from the crack of this eternal present will our future leak and spill. 

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