This golden thread

They say there’s a thread in our lives, which in some manner holds, guides and leads us.

It’s damned hard to see sometimes, this should be said, and sometimes we scream in the dark; but it’s there, gossamer thin but strong as an ox on the charge.

A golden thread in the maze of life, now you see me, now you don’t, now you do.

And it’s not about where we live or who we’re with or the size of our bank account; the thread knows nothing of these things.

It leads from deep not shallow.

So, in the maze, we look beyond them, we feel beneath them, to a place that is us, to a life that is ours and to footprints that can only be our own.

Here are different rules. Applause and judgement are the same to this thread; smoke in the wind. And it knows nothing of regrets, achievement or goals.

It simply arrives at our feet, elusive revelation, blessing our walk, here and now, now and then, appearing in choices made.

And we don’t know, and we don’t know and we don’t know – and then we do, for here it is, touching our path like a dream with its delicate steel and kind signing.

And, deep below the waterline of things apparent, it says Yes.

‘Yes’ to our existence and ‘Yes’ to our journey…and ‘Yes’ is all we needed to hear, our weeping souls restored, now weeping joy.

Oh, the relief!

For those who wait, for those who weep, for those who journey, for those who seek…

this golden thread.

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