This mindful day

I am writing this blog

I am wondering about the next line

It’s good to touch base with what I am doing now

It liberates me

I am walking up a hill

I am holding my wife’s hand

I am feeling the sun on my face

I am in a supermarket queue

I am making a cup of tea

It’s about arriving in the purifying present

Some days we may not arrive here

Too intent on what’s coming next to be here now

Or too caught up with the past, something said, something done, to be here now

So it’s good to touch base with this moment, where neither past nor future exists

Here, I am free

Here, life is simple

Here, there is no judgement

I am running in the wind

I am talking with a neighbour

I’m noticing my heart beat

I am sitting on a bus

I notice a money worry passing through

I enjoy the sunflower

I am eating a biscuit

Such mindful moments make a day

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