Those dreadful glasses

If we’re given inappropriate glasses for our eyes, it’s difficult to see.

We’ll have impaired vision, probably blurred and we’ll end up with a headache.

In this state, we’ll neither view the world clearly nor feel well-disposed towards it.

It is the same with desire, which daily seeks to guide our eyes. Seeing the world through the lens of desire, we miss a great deal; and hurt a great deal.

We are so absorbed with what we want and what is best for ourselves, that we see little else. With our view cluttered by personal agendas, it is like looking at a beautiful room through a dirty keyhole.

In this state, we are constantly hurt, angered or disappointed by events which don’t suit us. Everything feels personal, like an attack on me.

So, today, notice when you feel these glasses closing over your eyes… and remove them.

What will happen?

You will see the whole world rather than a distracted fraction; and find deeper breath in your lungs.

The headache of offence lifts wonderfully when you release your claims on the moment and accept what is, without pre-condition.

Those glasses never suited you anyway.

This meditation is taken from my book, ‘One Minute Mindfulness’, published by Hay House.

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