Thriving in the sausage machine

I recently had the honour of spending a day with some head teachers.

In the afternoon, we were thinking about what gives us uplift in life; what restores our sense of humanity.

No two stories are the same, of course, but one strong theme came through: nature.

Whether it was finding a windy beach or sticking their hands in soil and re-potting a hyacinth or looking up at the vast and mysterious night sky, it was nature that was declared most healing.

‘It seems to give me back to me,’ someone said.

Whether it’s work, or other circumstances, life can be a sausage machine, forcing us into particular shapes.

We’re forced to play a role; and may close down on significant aspects of ourselves in the process.

This can happen without us realising. We can be drained of joy without noticing, losing all delight in the world, and sometimes, all hope.

The sausage machine can press the life out of us. So uplift and restoration are essential for our essential selves.

For the head teachers, we discovered that nature is a constant life-changer.

What changes life for you? What gives you back to you?

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