Top Ten tips for the anxious

The artist and illustrator Pranita Kochareker found lockdown difficult.

‘The helplessness and uncertainty of Covid 19 was terrifying for my already existing anxiety,’ she says.

So what simple pleasures kept her going, kept her sane when the days were tough. Here she lists her top ten tips.

1) Stare at the clouds in the sky – always shifting, and amazing shapes.

2) Walk barefoot in the grass – ‘made my toes feel calm’.

3) Water the plants – ‘it helped me with my patience.’

4) Go for a walk without a phone – ‘I saw local birds for the first time.’

5) Watch the sunset – ‘It made me appreciate colours.’

6) Listen to calming music before sleep – ‘It helped me sleep better.’

7) Pet an animal – she appreciated her neighbours cat, ‘so loving.’

8) Try some skin care – ‘Cucumbers on my eyes can be just what I need after all that screen time.’

9) Soak some sun – ‘Soaking up the morning sun felt like a hug.’

10) Light a candle – ‘Lighting a candle in the evening felt like hope.’

‘I realised,’ she says, ‘that no matter how hard life gets, little moments help me get through tough days.’

So what would be your top ten tips for keeping well? What little moments help you? They might be different…

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