Welcome to the void

And when you finally arrive – and only the smashed and broken do – there is no hope to welcome you at the door

No baubles, no balloons or ‘You’re jolly good fellow!’ loudly sung

It’s bloody awful and you need to get out

This is the worst. How did it happen?

Though as confusion settles – it takes a while, breathed through and away – here is space you hadn’t known was there

The void offers this, no busy buildings obscuring the view, no empires making their oh-so-necessary claims

Here, behind the creaking scenery of existence

Only stillness, with our surfing left behind –

The white-knuckle thrill of temporary meaning

The surge and lift of rolling attachments

Our trusty surf board’s cracked, knackered, we’re going nowhere

And in silence, like a whispered secret, like a slow dawn, beauty appears; and joy glimpsed, like a darting deer

And this void, we will say with hindsight, a most unlikely womb

Before some thing, no thing

Emptiness – with love’s fingerprints all over it

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