What is prayer?

What is prayer?

Prayer is stopping

Prayer is stopping rather than starting

Stopping rather than doing

It is stopping talking

Stopping thinking

Stopping lighting candles

Stopping list-making

Stopping asking

Stopping all attempts at control

Stopping reading

Stopping repressing

Stopping narcissistic worry

Stopping manipulation of the world

Stopping the should and the ought and the latest technique

Prayer is stopping

No more and no less, prayer is stopping

Stopping to listen to the vulnerable truth of your beating heart

To listen to all that your breathing brings to the surface

Breathing in and breathing out, we are stopping to listen

Like Mary, pondering… not solving…

In time, prayer may become many things

But first, the most difficult of callings – beyond thought, beyond words, the letting go, the putting down, the opening up

Yes, first, we must actually….

stop…the ultimate dare


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