What question is your life here to solve?

What question is your life here to solve?

Sometimes life’s question is simply, what socks shall I wear today – or what shirt?

Or perhaps a little more challenging, should I change jobs or propose marriage?

Questions differ in significance.

And then somewhere beneath these questions, in a deeper soul space, is the question your life is here to solve.

It’s a slow-burn question, but unique to you and worth some attention.

Given both your struggles, your discoveries and your hope, what is the question your life is here to answer?

It’s like a magnificent infection inside you, touching every organ.

It’s like a seed within, slowly cracking open with growth.

Perhaps you know the question already…though the search for it will include both your conscious and shadow side…the hidden places, perhaps rejected by you and pushed away.

For everything within you belongs and is part of the answer...everything.

You’ll need to gather these different voices, especially the rejected ones, hear them out, make a choir of them, full of acapella harmony.

It may take time, a choir finding its voice, integrating its parts, a work in progress.

(Though sometimes it’s effortless and no work at all, and we are given in a moment all we ever wanted.)

And there at our core, like deep orange embers ready to flame: what question is your life here to answer?

What will you draw from your ‘one precious life’ and bring to the great human story?

It taps us on the shoulder. It keeps turning up unannounced, begging our attention…

…this simple and difficult question guiding us home.

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