When things are uncertain

When things are uncertain, there are still certain things I can do, difficult things

I can be a friend to myself, rather than attack myself

I can feel all my feelings, for no feeling is a crime

I can speak of my fears, I can ask for help

I can breathe deep rather than breathing shallow

I can fail and still be good

I can try again rather than give up

I can say no, even to friends and family

I can speak, I’m not a doormat, I have a voice

I can apologise, I can forgive

I can choose kindness

I can lift my eyes from my phone and look up and around in awe

I can walk through the world differently from you and you can walk through the world differently from me

I can aim to be true to the truth of who I am

I can live one day at a time

When things are uncertain, I can still do things, do difficult things

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