Why my personality is like the Tory government…oh shit

The human personality is a prolific liar and an incompetent manager of life – which is why it so reminds me of the present Tory government.

This government proceeds along its cheerless way with both the suppression of truth and with active untruth.

And it is busy with all this because of its clear and present incompetence.

Cover-up is essential.

There’s no great panic in Whitehall, however; even a few smug smiles perhaps.

Of the people it governs, it says to itself, ‘Don’t worry, no damage done – they’ll forget. There’ll be another news story tomorrow. The important thing is to move their attention around. They will forget the lies today.’

And this is so reminiscent of the human personality; embarrassingly so, if yours is like mine.

All the anxiety it has fed us down the years; all the paralysing fears – most of which turned out to be nonsense; and destroyed so many moments of possible beauty.

Not to mention the suppression of true feelings that could have saved us. Oh yes, like the Russia report, it really buried those!

This is clear and present incompetence by our personality – and it’s mis-managing each of us.

Yet somehow we get up, brush ourselves down and choose to believe it all over again, on a daily, hourly basis.

We somehow forget the bullshit; and like the government, it is happily amazed to get away with it. It says, ‘Don’t worry, no damage done – they’ll forget!’

I believe in a government and a personality that is accountable, daily. My soul demands it; my freedom depends on it.

So I will not forget the performance of either.

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