Young again!

If we are to make the world young again, we must start with ourselves.

We must allow ourselves to be young…which is great relief all round.

We can at last stop playing the expert or the canny observer; we can skip free of our tired knowing and false impressions.

We have become old, bent and stupid with our supposed knowledge.

Our take on everything is wrong.

We have ceased to live and learn; instead, we live and confirm our cracked patterns of understanding.

And don’t laugh, but we even believe ourselves consistent; which takes fantasy to a new level.

But how lovely to let go of all this! It brings fresh light spilling into the room, the smell of the sea!

How nice it is to be young again! You can’t help but dance; or at least skip a little.

And who knows – perhaps the world will join you?

Though this is not guaranteed.

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