A letter to hope

Hope, we knew each other once, you can’t deny

Well, it was you who started it!

How you crept up on me, full or surprise, made me laugh, gave me strength

Early morning, Regent’s Park, remember?

Melted… I was melted.

I don’t know how you did it, how you found me, my familiar friend

Though absence is more familiar now, almost strangers

Have you changed or have I?

I mean, I’m getting on with it all, as you’d want

I have friends; wear a brave face and my big-boy pants

Nothing to complain about, absolutely not, but the space in my heart

And I’m leaving a light on the stairs

To welcome you home and wondering

Do you miss me?

I’m sorry to ask, it’s awkward

But I miss you.

There, I said it and glad I did

Though I don’t miss the voices that fill the gap like weeds

‘Onwards and upwards, eh?’ they bark, in brisk motivation

But without you, it’s mere noise, like the grinding of un-oiled gears

You were beautiful, not brisk

And I’m leaving a light on the stairs, sweet one

For I’m lonely without you, come home


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