Welcome to your existence

Welcome to your existence

To the truth that you are alive, to breath passing through you, like a stream through the wood, seeping life

So don’t fall asleep, don’t yawn and play dead – I know, but I’ve seen it

For it’s quite a thing, this being alive

Like music you must dance to, or someone you must love, a strange commitment

Though ripped apart at times and uncertain as hell

We’re a long way from Eden, this existence, it can get messy

Yet here you are, alive and heavenly, dusting off the damage, a bloody marvel, it’s a miracle, you’re a miracle

(These are facts not hyperbole)

As the planet tilts in endless space, here is your stage, you’re in the script (you don’t get to see) and cues and plot lines may alter

Life is change

But you exist! Alive for now, the pulse of life beats quiet and strong in hopeful breath and fragile wonder

You exist

All else is for another day

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