Amber Rudd remembered

Amber Rudd recently resigned as Home Secretary.

She feels she ‘inadvertently misled’ Parliament over immigrant deportation targets.

There had been huge pressure on her in the preceding week. Many feel she would have gone sooner, had not she been so popular as a person in the party.

She also appears to have been popular with those who worked for her at the Home Office.

‘She didn’t bring her ego to work, and just use us as a launch pad for her ambition. She always consulted.’

This is a significant compliment.

My unchecked ego views other people only in terms of how they meet my needs, my ambitions and it’s a narrow view.

It doesn’t allow others an independent life.

The unchecked ego is like a tyrant in a totalitarian state: ‘You do what I want, you meet my needs, or you’re my enemy and I attack you or sulk.’

So it’s a good day when we don’t bring our ego to work, (or home); when we’re able to de-centre a little.

An ego-free mind is less insecure and therefore happier.

It helps us to see and live a bigger picture, a better story, in which everyone’s contribution can be celebrated and drawn on.

We are always only one breath away from this state.

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