Bluebells and plague

Happy accidents, sad accidents…you’ve probably had a few.

You’ve been lucky and you’ve been unlucky.

Some things have worked out, and some things haven’t.

We can think of moments of gift…and moments of devastation.

Circumstance lifts us, circumstance breaks us, this is true.

‘Count your blessings,’ as the old song says,’ name them one by one’… but we can also count the blows, we can name them too.

For life is happy and hard accidents, they come along unplanned, the roll of a dice, ‘Heads you win, tails you lose.’

The coin lands…

And these accidents, they are the stuff we work with, everything an adjustment, always adjustment and nothing a waste, not even the wound.

We allow them to join, the nightmare and hope, we allow them to blend, we make something of them, we really do, these wild shapes, these accidents beyond our control… we breathe deep and allow them to be.

Life is accident, both happy and sad, luck and injustice gate-crashing our lives, both bluebells and plague, melding into substance, a miraculous alchemy, growing in us into strength and joy.

And one day, we’ll kneel in praise…

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