Are you the sensitive type?

I’d like to ponder the word ‘sensitive’; it may need reclaiming

Sometimes an individual is called sensitive because they take things to heart – criticism or whatever

‘They’re a bit sensitive!’

But in my world, this isn’t sensitive; this is just insecure

They are unlikely to be aware of other people’s situations; only aware of their own hurt

Sensitive, on the other hand, is a positive state; one in which we are aware of something or someone other than ourselves

We may be aware of others needs and feelings

Or we may be aware of the history of a place, of the people who have passed through here before us

Sensitive suggests generosity of spirit in some way, a de-centering into worlds other than our own

This is not the same as someone who gets upset easily, who is quick to take offence, who takes words said about them to heart and around whom we must walk carefully

This is simply insecure and the consequence of a fracture in our past

Those who are sensitive are open to a story other than their own

Removed from the screaming ego, it’s a rather beautiful word


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