The pub bores

So I was sitting in the pub with my friends and telling a story; and it turned out to be a story where I was in the right and someone else in the wrong – or at least a bit weird, which I wasn’t going to stand for, no way!

So we laughed about that and the way I handled it so well and how I was justified in everything I thought and did

And interestingly, it was similar to the story my friend then told; one in which he’d had the last laugh, very much so, when someone was being stupid or too cautious or something – and he let them know, in no uncertain terms, which they didn’t like much

So we laughed about that as well, and told him how brilliant he’d been, and how justified he was, which he agreed with

While my other friend also told an amusing story in which he was the hero and also completely justified in his opinions about someone else who didn’t agree with him in some way, I forget the details; but he had the last laugh as well, like me and my friend

And I then told another story in which my opinions and actions were absolutely justified, because they were, they really were – and the other person ridiculous, obviously, a complete loser
The three of us are just pretty sorted guys, I suppose, in a world of utter pricks, so it’s good we can get together and laugh about them

Justifying ourselves – it’s why we chat with friends, isn’t it? 

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