Chasing the dream

I came across my dream in the forest

Saw her clear, and knew her well, though also less than well

Not having seen her before, not so close, not in the flesh – more an idea, a notion

You know how it is with dreams – something other than this, whatever this is, here before me now

Something beguiling, something different, something to chase, and I chase her now through the trees, I chase my dream

‘Catch me if you can!’

It ‘s what we do, she runs and I chase; it’s how she gets me up in the morning

But faster by far, she’s always been quick, and I never get near, she’s always ahead

Though now she trips, stumbles and swears, purple curses flowing.

And on seeing me close, she tries to cover her dull eyes, she notes my surprise – and with twisted grin leaps up all hearty again and announces I’ll never catch her

‘Never in a million years!’ – and on she runs, disappearing into the woods, miles ahead – but today I don’t follow

I stand and watch, and when silence falls, I turn around and walk

I walk home, and free of the chase, see more on my way, than I’ve ever seen before

And now?

I don’t see her so much, maybe we’ve drifted apart; or maybe I’m too happy, this here and now

Though sometimes she comes to my window, talking up the old days, standing at a distance, hoping for the chase

like we used to

like we used to


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