These daily borderlines

Each day, we arrive at the border line, it’s not always well-marked

The border line between health and decline, between loveliness and loveliness lost

Between caring and needy

Confidence and hubris

Between forethought and anxiety

Endurance and walled-up denial

Between doing your best and self-punishing striving

Between vulnerability and insecurity

Discretion and collusion

Delight and entitlement

Spontaneity and carelessness

Memory and baggage

Between energising anger and useless resentment

Between availability and the role of the doormat

Between self-awareness and making a project of your self

Between love and control, love and manipulation

Between identity and separation

Desert depths and wilderness shallows

Each day, we arrive at these border lines, not always well marked

Between loveliness and loveliness lost

And we mind our steps and our direction

Making always for loveliness


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