Grace, she’s amazing

As you will know, (I have nothing new to tell you) grace is variously disguised and never knows quite how we will respond.

Sometimes she’s simply someone listening to our story without judgement.

I remember one young man. When he left me, he said, ‘I feel like I am walking on air.’

I had done nothing but listen and point; safe space to pour his life into…grace.

Though sometimes grace is feeling loved or held.

Our situation isn’t changed; but somehow we feel like the apple of someone’s eye and no longer a stranger in this world…grace.

And sometimes, as explorers tell us, it’s the sense of awe and oneness with our magnificent surrounds – sky, sea, canyon, ice flow, mountain, valley, desert or forest.

We feel small, so very small, but somehow enlarged and at one with all things…grace.

Though sometimes she’s a truth which threatens in some way, which disturbs us.

We may be made angry or frightened by it; here is something about ourselves we do not wish to hear.

Though this too is grace, quite the same person, hurrying to help and to heal – for if we do not receive it, how can we grow? And how shall we dance?

Grace is variously disguised, bringing joy and sorrow, anger and delight along the way…

though always true and always kind….and rather amazing.


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