Happiness notes

It is a big moment in our lives when we discover we are our own happiness.

For happiness is neither an emotion nor a reaction, but a space – a space within us. If we want to consider happiness then we must first consider space.

True happiness is a space within us where all experiences and feelings can be received, like an airport handling incoming and outgoing planes.

This strong inner cavern can receive and hold the raw energy of any emotion our personality throws at us, whether it is disappointment, elation, guilt, sadness, jealousy or rage.

The personality is a torrent of various and shifting energies. Yet this space within is never waterlogged by emotions, for it is distinct from them, with its own prior identity.

The space is permanent, the emotions passing. We live the space. We do not live the emotions.

It is important this space can receive all emotions in an unthreatened manner. It does not accept some and reject others. It notices, receives and accepts all.

Rejected energies, (perhaps those we don’t approve of) are dangerous to our happiness, as they tend to lodge within us and cause blockages in our being which affect every level of health.

But where there is space in the human soul all energies can be received and acknowledged.

Once noticed and received, whatever their nature, they will cause us no ill and may bring good. Negative energies will disperse harmlessly, while beautiful energies
will percolate vibrantly through every fibre of our being.

Removed from the cramped and oppressive roller-coaster of emotional indulgence, we live a spacious contentment.

All serious spiritual and psychological work will be towards the creation of this space within us, for it is the creation of happiness.

(This is an extract from my book ‘The Journey Home’, published by Bloomsbury.)

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