On feeling small

Sometimes I feel small

And it is good and not bad

I just find myself as one among others. I find my place in the family of things

In this family of things before me and around me, this motley crew

So, no longer the big ‘I am’

But neither the big ‘I am not’

No, my story is here, precious as a ruby, but others bring theirs, equal to mine in urgency

As from a sleep quite deep, (I may even have snored) I wake up now to the family of things

This family of land, ocean, sky… oh yes, and star-filled, black-holed, galaxy-waving space beyond

I’m in the family way

So yes, I sometimes feel small, though it is good and not bad

Small yet perfectly formed

Small yet open

I find my place in this family of things

(With thanks to Mary Oliver’s Wild Geese for inspiration)

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