Your brilliantly simple special power

We all need our short walks back to ourselves

In the eye of the storm, when it’s all too much, when we are more damage than health

Our trusted paths through the wood to a quiet place within, where we can rest, re-figure, recover and start again

We all need to start again, all the time; to ease ourselves from uncomfortable fixation to more generous and gentle space.

Our short walks vary – it could simply be leaving the room

This often works for me; a slight change of geography can make a difference

Or looking up at the sky

Or reading something; or writing something exploratory

Music can be a path somewhere else; or a cold water dip to make the heart sing, or walking, one foot in front of the other, these can change things

And so can a robin or a leaf, if we’re able to notice; it’s amazing what speaks

And five deep breaths – or ten – they always help, don’t they?

The deliberate pause in the rush of events

In the eye of the storm

In the heat of the kitchen

In the scream of the day

In the thick mud of difficult feelings

We all need short walks away from fixation and back to ourselves

Trusted paths to the silence within

Where we can stay and recover, unhook ourselves from the damage and – given a moment or seven – start again

It’s our special power and so simple, these short walks, these trusted paths

This ability to start again

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