She has just left her job and waits to start another in a few weeks.

These in-between days have been important space. She feels battered and bruised by her employment over the past three years.

It’s left her hardened and brutalised, with life more about survival than anything else.

Her spirit is crushed and she uses the word ‘depression’.

This is not who she wants to be; but she can’t suddenly dismantle the walls of self-protection that she’s erected across the years.

And so these few weeks of rest feel important.

I ask her where God is in all of this.

She says ‘God is in the rest.’

So our meditation today is towards rest; for whatever we do, we are the better for not doing it sometimes.

Everything is better for not being done for a while.

Whether it’s a minute, a week or a month… sometimes God is in the rest.


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