Warmth in the cold sea

When swimming in a cold sea, it is most wonderful suddenly to feel a warm current enveloping your body.

Perhaps you haven’t realised how chill you are until this gentle heat touches you.

You are not sure where it is coming from, and suddenly it is gone, lost as quickly as it was found.

It disappears into the depths and only the cold is real again. It is colder still for your recent experience of warmth.

You wonder where it goes.

Then your foot again finds the warm, elusive but there, felt and experienced. One leg and then the other is touched.

And slowly you begin to understand the nature of the warmth in the cold sea. Sensing its origin and flow, you find you are able to hold yourself for longer in its kind grasp.

Though sometimes it is lost.

Our true self, our substantial self is the warm current in the cold sea.

We are happy indeed if we learn to hold ourselves there.

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